Administration for Alternatives

Collection, ingestion, validation and reporting for your alternative assets

Key Benefits

  • Fi-Tek Specialty Assets provides data collection through reporting in one solution.
  • Reduces dependency on internal subject matter experts 
  • Lower overall cost of ownership for alternative asset processing
  • Reduces risk of diversified technology stack

Product - Key Features

Document Collection

Capital calls, distributions, management fees, statements and centralization to streamline funding and audit processes.


Timely tracking of commitments and recording of capital activity (Principal/Income/Dividend distributions, contributions, management fees, redemptions recallable) allowing for better funding requirement and more timely investment analysis.

Performance Metrics

Track Internal Rate of Return, MOIC, TVPI, Net Invested Capital independently from the fund administrator. Leverage standard or bespoke blended benchmarks to accurately compare your returns.

Data Quality

Reconciliation and exception-based validation of activity on monthly/quarterly fund statements to check against bank/custodian/fund admin errors.


Connectivity with external risk/investment analysis tools and 3rd party systems.

Service Models

Outsourced or co-sourced offerings